Eala publishes on a rolling basis and is currently online-only.

We accept submissions that are written in any Germanic language spoken before or during the Middle Ages. While our primary focus is on Old English, we also will accept anything written in Old English, Middle English, Old Scots, Old Norse, Old and Middle Icelandic, Old Danish, Old Saxon, Old Swedish, Old Gutnish, Gothic, and so on. We do not accept submissions from constructed languages, or submissions with created words.

Any genre of writing is accepted, as long as it conforms to our standards below.

Original Texts

We encourage and are especially looking for any original texts written in any of the languages above by you, the modern day author. We do not accept previously extant texts.

In general, we will only consider texts that conform to old Germanic poetic standards. This means heavy use of alliterative verse, with inclusion of kennings, caesura, and so on. Please indicate in what style your submission is written; for instance, as classic metrical verse, fornyrðislag, ljóðaháttr, or dróttkvætt. If you are using a rare form, a small essay about the type of form used would be permitted and may be published alongside the original work (we’ll work with you on that).

Long form prose is also accepted.

Free verse or rhymed, Romance-influenced poetry will also be accepted based on their own individual merit, but are not especially encouraged.

Text limit: 500 lines, or 2000 words.


We will accept submissions that are translations of any text from before 1500, or translations of modern texts (within the public domain) into Old English . Please also include the original text.

Text limit: 5000 words.

How to submit

Email a copy of your text, along with a translation, to: richard@wordhoardpress.com.

Simultaneous Submissions

Simultaneous submissions are ok, but please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere. We do not accept previously published material. If you have already submitted for an issue, please wait until the following issue’s reading period before submitting again. We can’t pay at this time, except with a promise to promote your work.


If we accept your work, Word Hoard Press acquires First Serial Rights and Nonexclusive Archival Electronic Rights to showcase your work indefinitely. All rights revert to author at publication, but it would be great if you could credit us as the first publisher if your work ends up getting published elsewhere. More on rights here.