Hwæt! Seo hwisprung hwearfes deaþes
segþ sarspell spildsiþes cræftlice.
Niedgenga draf on niðerpæþ heaflic,
siþfæt sorgcearig seocnes geabarode.
Swa mæge unwenlic selfmyrðrunge ongan,
slæp beclypte, gesealde to eorðgrape.
Ongean þæm heo þis gesang,
fullæst cwom hwonne ferhð wæs brocen.
Heo lætemest abæd in lifweardes earan.
Eaxlgestealla þone ealdorgeard genæs,
ond arodnes awann angnesse ond brogan.
Se weg twislaþ swa winn is hindan.

Lo! The whispering of approaching (rolling, shifting) death
craftily Tells a sad story of a destructive journey.
A reluctant traveler forced onto a grievous downward path,
a road full of sorrow that sickness laid bare.
So that the hopeless kinswoman attempted suicide,
embraced sleep, gave herself over to earth’s-grasp.
Responding to that she sang this,
help came when the spirit was broken.
Finally she asked in the ear of the guardian of life.
By a close friend the house of life saved,
and spirit-boldness overcame anxiety and dread.