Ic eom ofer mere sigld,
Hwǣr ic englas and dēoflu mett,
Hwǣr ic wunode and stearf.
Ic niste hwæt ic fremmede,
For hwī hafaþ ðā menn þǣre eorðan
Sāwolas yfeles and gōdes?
Ic, nān cūðe þæt ic nāht cnēow,
Ic hlōh and arn and sang,
Mīn mōd ys ælfremd.


I have sailed over a sea
Where I met angels and demons,
Where I lived and died.
I didn’t know what I did,
Why do the men of the earth have
evil and good souls?
I, none knew that I knew nothing,
I laughed and ran and sang,
My mind is strange…